Toraja Highland Exploration

Duration: 7days /  6 nights; Number of pax: 23-6, 7-10 pax; Type of accommodation: Hotel, Local people house or traditional house; Type of transportation: Minibus; Start/end: Makassar; Grade of difficulty: Moderate

Day 1: Makassar-Rantepao  Arrive at the airport in Makassar, meet your guide and short briefing about the trip. You will start the journey driving through the west coast of South Sulawesi for few hours and passing through Bugis villages which houses characterize built on stilt. Stop can be made along the journey when you find good spots and objects photographing including for break and have lunch. Arrive in Rantepao the and check in at hotel in town. (LD)

Day 2-3 : Toraja Trek   Two days to explore Toraja highland. You will hike along the rice field and paths used by local people to go to other villages and the market. Along the trek you meet local people on their daily activities such as working on the rice field, clearing the coffee plantation or probably traditional ceremony. The trek condition is up and down and it might take between 4-5 hours to reach one place to another. Landscape in several spots is magnificent. In the evening temperature might be chill. During this trek you will stay for overnight at local people house and possible at traditional house.  On Day 3 you will trek back to hotel in town. (BLD)

Day 4: Toraja Exploration   You will have opportunity to explore ancient burial on the cliff side as well as traditional housing complex. Toraja’s funeral ceremony is one of the highlight when staying in town. You will be informed when there is funeral ceremony held and possible to be visited. Animal market should not be forgotten during the stay in town. Stay at hotel. (BLD)

Day 5: Rantepao-Makassar   Leave Rantepao in the morning through the same road. First stop after about 4-5 hours is Pare-Pare, a harbor city in the northwest of South Sulawesi. Lunch break and short exploration in this town. From Pare-Pare continue to Makassar. Stop can be made along the journey for taking photos or break. Arrive in Makassar in the late afternoon. Check in at hotel near Losari Beach. (BLD)

Day 6: Makassar Excursion   After breakfast to visit Port Rotterdam. This port was built in 1555 in the period of Gowa Kingdom. It provided protection for the Makassar Kingdom. It used to be called Benteng Ujung Pandang. When Admiral Cornelis, a Dutch troop leader, occupied Celebes in 1667, he rebuilt it and changed its name to Rotterdam. He made Fort Rotterdam a centre of the government. The architecture of the buildings at Fort Rotterdam resembles European styles from the medieval era, IV-XVII century. Fort Rotterdam is now a national archeological museum. People can see many artefacts and ancient things in the museum. It is called Museum La Galigo. Continue to Potere Harbor. Paotere is the harbour to the north of Makassar where traditional Buginese sailing boats (Phinisi) load and unload their cargo. It is fascinating to see the boat workers running across narrow wooden planks from the dock to the boats carrying unbelievably large loads. Nowaday the Phinisis have been motorized and the number and length of the masts have been reduced, but these boats still make attractive objects for photography. The boats sail to nearly all parts of Indonesia. Sails are used to reduce fuel consumption and in case of engine problems. Possible for you to go onboard and explore the interior. If time is available you can continue visiting the old Sultan Palace in the city centre. Stay for overnight at hotel. (BLD)

Day 7: Hotel-Airport-Next Destination   Transfer to airport and fly to the next destination in Sulawesi or to other islands. Journey ends. (B)

* During the trip participants must respect and obey rules, laws and customs valid in the area/location they are visiting.
* This itinerary is subject to change with or without prior notice due to weather condition, flight and ferry schedule change or other causes beyond organizer control (force majeure)