West Papua; Pearl of The East

Papua; The largest island on Indonesia’s archipelagi and second in the world after Greenland. Its terrain is combination of mangrove and peat-swamp forest on coastline, lowland forest up to the snow peak on Jayawijaya Mountain or sometime called as Snow Mountain which is considered as the highest peak between the Andes and Himalaya. This island is like a huge vast of ecological diversity and still covered by large size of undisturbed forest.

A number of mammals such as kangaroo plus exotic birds such as bird of paradise can be found on this island. It has magnificent under water ecosystem which is said one of the best on planet earth. The very varied ecology and rugged terrain result diversity on cultural and linguistic. It is said there almost 400 spoken languages in this island which makes this island to become a storehouse of ethnographic curiosities. Papua has many to offer especially for an adventurous journey