The Lesser Sundas; The Sleeping Beauty

Lesser Sunda; In Indonesia it is called Nusa Tenggara, consist of West and East Nusa Tenggara. West Nusa Tenggara comprises the island of Lombok and Sumbawa while East Nusa Tenggara Comprises the island of Flores, Timor, Sumba, and several satelite islands surrounding these main islands. In total Lesser Sunda covers more or less 566 islands. In our exploration we separate between East and West Nusa Tenggara. When talking about Lesser Sunda here we focus on the island of East Nusa Tenggara. Lesser Sunda has unique nature where in it is combination of forest cover and savana. 

Some areas are very dry with very low rain fall however the area hosts a number of endemic birds such as cockatoo, pigeons, kingfoshers, owls, and also well known creature called Komodo Dragon which only inhabited on the island of Komodo, Rinca and western part of Flores. There are number of active volcanoes and the most volcanoes can be found on Flores which is more or less ten volcanoes. Some of these volcanoes still launching materials and smoke from its crater. Underwater on Lesser Sunda is one of the most beautiful in archipelago and it has become a must visited dive site for worldwide divers. And talking about Lesser Sunda is not complete without talking about its intricate but colorful hand-weaving or often called as “ikat“.