Kalimantan; The Land of Adventure

Kalimantan or known as Borneo, shares boundaries with Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) as well as the Sulatanate of Brunei Ddarissalam. It is the world’s third largest island and represents 5% of Indonesia’s land. This is the land of Dayak and known as the head hunter in old time. This indigenous people of Kalimantan consist of more or less 200 tribes and some number of them still dwell their longhouse. A broad and intricate river network has connected people from the coastline to the hinterland. Dense rainforest of the island is home for a number of unique flora such as the Rafflesia flower, orchids and endemic fauna such as long-nosed  monkey, great ape called Orangutan, hornbill and fresh water dolphins. Kalimantan calls those who still keep the spirit of adventure alive.