Explore Waerebo; the Indigenous Manggarai Community  

Explore Waerebo; the Last of Manggarai Community

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights; Number of pax: 2, 3-6, 7-10; Type of Accommodation: Guest house, traditional house, hotel; Type of Transportation: Minibus; Start/End: Labuan Bajo; Grade of difficulty: Moderate to Challenge

This is very challenging but also very interesting journey to explore the last remaining ancient village of Manggarai. Situated at 1,200 m above sea level, Waerebo is like a living museum about Manggarai people. Feel the genuine hospitality of people who live in very remote area, learn about their way of living and support them to preserve the existing Mbaru. The journey is combined with a visit on King's village on Todo.

Day 1: Denpasar-Labuan Bajo-Dintor   Fly Denpasar to Labuan Bajo. You will fly over the parts of ring of fire. In a clear weather this 1.5 hours flight will give you a spectacular view to Mount Tambora on Sumbawa island, a volcano known to history with its greatest eruption in April 1815. It killed perhaps 70,000 people, regionally the catastrophe devastated forests and croplands, causing famine and desease. Its eruption also caused major changes in the weather around the world as dust and aerosols carried by high-altitude winds, circled the globe and dimmed the sun's rays. In Europee, prolonged inclement weather caused harvest failures. In 1816 in North America suffered the infamous "year without a summer". When flying over the eastern part Sumbawa island you will also see the smoke still coming out from the crater of Mount Api Sangeang which erupted at the end of May 2014. Before landing on Labuan Bajo you will be presented by the view to the clear blue water on the Komodo National Park. Arrive in Labuan Bajo, you will continue by car to Dintor for about 3-4 hours hours including stop for break and taking photograph. Along the road you will pass villages, plantation and rice field. Lunch will be provided en-route. Arrive in Dintor around afternoon. If time allows you can explore surrounding area in Dintor. Night at simple homestay operated by local people in Dintor. (LD).

Day 2: Dintor-Waerebo   After breakfast you will start hiking along the paths used by the local people to move from one village to other. You will hike along the the mountainous terrain through the typical of Flores lowland forest and cross the streams. You will pass the local plantation such as coffee, cocoa, clove, candlenut, vanilla, and cashew nut. View in several spots is very nice and good for photographing. When arrive in Waerebo, you will immediately feel the hospitality of the people here. Simple lunch will be provided by the people in the village. In the afternoon you will have opportunity to explore the village accompanied by local people who will be the guide to show show and explain about plants, agriculture crops, the way of farming and the challenge the people face when living in the remote village like Waerebo. Night at traditional house. (BLD)

Waerebo is the last remaining traditional Manggarai village where people still live in. This village is based on Compang model which still exists in other places but in Waerebo it has very special emotional value. Here we will get experience living with the community in their Mbaru (multy-family dwellings). 

Day 3: Waerebo-Todo-Labuan Bajo     Enjoy your morning at Waerebo. You will spend your morning to explore the surrounding area including farmland and plantation accompanied by local people. Around 10 am you prepare to hike back to Dintor where the car is waiting and then drive to Todo village. Local people sometime call Todo as King’s village becaue it  was the center of authority of Manggarai kingdom  and royals’ home. In the past, there were nine Mbaru Niang (drum houses) around the compang or ritual center which had been eroded by time. In 1992 these Mbaru Niang were reconstructed. Todo nowadays has become a place to experience the history and culture of the Manggarai. From Todo we drive back to Labuan Bajo. Night at hotel in Labuan Bajo. (BLD)

Day 4: Labuan Bajo-Denpasar or other destinations   Free program in the morning. Depending on the fllght departure, you can visit local market or fish harbor in town and then transfer to the airport or continue with other programs (B)

This program can be combined with Exploration on Komodo National Park.
* During the trip participants must respect and obey rules, laws and customs valid in the area/location they are visiting.
* This itinerary is subject to change with or without prior notice due to weather condition, flight and ferry schedule change or other causes beyond our control (force majeure)